Leaving for the Moot 2017 Iceland

By Roger, Fri 21 July 2017, in category Scouting

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Moot 2017

Tomorrow I will travel to Iceland. There will be the 15th World Scout Moot. It's a gathering for scout's in the age between 18 and 25. Older scouts will be in the International Service Teams (IST) that makes the Moot possible. I will be in the "Safety and first aid" group. No idea what we are going to do, but it will be a lot of fun!


Because it's not possible to take a laptop with me, I will post some updates on my liveblog. After a lot of trying, I figured out that it was to difficult to add new posts to my website from my mobile phone. I hope this system will work better than previous systems. It's autoupdated, so you don't have to refresh the webpage. You can also join the liveblog directly on matrix #liveblog:sciuro.org

Moot banner

NFC/QR game

One thing I and a friend of mine have prepared for the Moot is a NFC/QR game. The idea is to catch all the NFC tags or QR tags as fast as possible. There will be a registration desk where you can register your account. After registration, the time starts and your free to go. There will be a central screen where you can see your progress and all the high scores. If you want to play it yourself, you can find the code to use on GitHub.