New car!!!

By Roger, Sat 26 September 2015, in category Personal


Yes, after years of cycling, trains and walking, I decided to buy a car! Yes, it’s true! After looking at different types of cars, I dcided to buy a audi A3.

First I had narrowed down my search to two possibilities, Audi or Volvo. They both are very good cars. Volvo is a little bit more robust and more a scouting-like car. Audi on the other hand is better looking and has some more modern features. But both are good cars.

After looking around for second hands cars, I got my eye on a Audi A3 sportback 1.4 TFSI Ambition. After a test drive, I decided that this will be my first car! And yes, it drives perfectly! The next project is to built a raspberry pi into my new car as a Wifi accesspoint.

New car