By Roger, Sun 26 July 2015, in category Scouting

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In essence it was the biggest physics experiment every done. I don’t like the idea of killing people, but it was the start of a whole new form of warfare. This one I really wanted to see!

Our place is a guesthouse right between the ordinary people. Strange to see how people live here. Very small and with low ceilings… Mind your head! It’s maybe also not the best part of Hiroshima, but it safe, like everywhere in Japan.

Because the world jamboree is coming in a couple of days, more and more scouts are seen. One of the Dutch IST members recommended a restaurant. Nagana-ya. They serve a local specialty, okonomiyaki. Very good and a lot of food! And they made it in front of you on a hot plate! If you are in Hiroshima, go into town and get yourself a okonomiyaki.

What Hiroshima makes different from other cities we have seen, it has a city center. Some streets full of shops and of course Japanese restaurants. But all together. In other cities there also were some shops, but all around the city and not bind together. Everything closes at 24:00 hours, except the convenience stores. So your late night out starts early.

The next day we visited the atomic bom site. Very impressive!!! You have to be there to smell the death, but also the happiness of the present life. It’s got a small park, but together it’s still very small between the big buildings. As they first wanted to hide it.

We went on geocaching for the rest of the day and found some very interesting places, like the last old steam locomotive. Hiroshima is full of geocaches which will bring you to beautiful places. Tomorrow we go to our final destination, the world scout jamboree in Yamaguchi!!!