My journey to Japan has begun

By Roger, Thu 11 June 2015, in category Scouting

japan, scouting, world jamboree

Finally! After a long time of preparations, my journey has finally begun! I’m now at the airport in The Netherlands, waiting on my plane to Vienne which is leaving at 10:10. From Vienna I will catch a plane to Tokyo at 13:20. If everything is going as planned, I will arrive in Tokyo tuesday at 07:30 local time. That will be 00:30 european time.

My backpack was already packed last saturday, long before I usually pack my stuff. Sunday I cleaned my house, did the last small preparations and went of to my parents.

Murphy is probably also traveling to Japan so I wanted to be early. Because of the high temperature in The Netherlands, the trains are unreliable, so my parents brought me to the airport this early morning. And it got even worse! Customs is on strike, exactly during the time my airplane is leaving… They unpacked my complete hand luggage. But I got through!

The next message probably will be from Japan. See you later from the other side of the world!